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                     The Wedding Sixpence Gift Card              

Something Old, Something New,

Something Borrowed, Something Blue, 

And a Sixpence in Her Shoe.

The Unique Bridal Shower Gift Personalize for the Bride. 

In 2017 A Wedding Tradition is closed for business.

To Order- Select the front of your card. Then Place the item # in the PayPal box at the bottom of the page to process your order. Hit Buy It Now. You don't have to have a PayPal account to use PayPal. Wedding Sixpence Gift Cards have the Original Wedding Poem, Explanation of The Lucky Sixpence Tradition, and the Sixpence on the inside. An envelope seal will also be included and will vary on design.  Price $15.00 per Card with Sixpence.  s/h $2.00 

Item# CC1746


Item# CC1919


Item# CC1921


Item# CC1800


Item# CC1915


Item# CC1548


Item# CC25BL


Item# CC1922


Item# CC1920


Item # CC1916


Item# CC1868


Item# CC1918


Item# CC1913


Item# CC1917


All Photo Cards have the same inside  View Inside 

TT_choice_17_TT_more.jpg (338045 bytes)

Item # CTT17

Item # CTT2

TT_choice_4_TT_more.jpg (12848 bytes)

Item # CTT4

TT_choice_15_TT_more.jpg (302275 bytes)

Item # CTT15

TT_choice_24_TT_more.jpg (254207 bytes)

Item # CTT24

TT_choice_28_TT_more.jpg (892714 bytes)

Item #  CTT28

TT_choice_40_TT_more.jpg (413864 bytes)

Item # CTT40

wed_choice_6_resized_for_sheet_more.jpg (241196 bytes)

Item # CWED06

wed_choice_22_resized_for_sheet_more.jpg (147926 bytes)

Item # CWED22

Item # CWED26

wed_choice_28_resized_for_sheet_more.jpg (357090 bytes)

Item # CWED28

wed_choice_39_resized_for_sheet_more.jpg (135647 bytes)

Item # CWED39

wed_choice_42_resized_for_sheet_more.jpg (164145 bytes)

Item # CWED42

Item # CWED59

wed_choice_64_resized_for_sheet_more.jpg (258814 bytes)

Item # CWED64

wed_choice_34_resized_for_sheet_more.jpg (290145 bytes)

Item # CWED34

wed_choice_68_resized_for_sheet_more.jpg (144035 bytes)

Item # CWED68

wed_choice_76_resized_for_sheet_watermark.jpg (356395 bytes)

Item # CWED76

wed_choice_19_resized_for_sheet_more.jpg (512149 bytes)

Item # CWED19

wed_choice_2_resized_for_sheet_more.jpg (154302 bytes)

Item # CWED02

wed_choice_21_resized_for_sheet_more.jpg (313758 bytes)

Item # CWED21


In 2017 A Wedding Tradition is closed for business.

Want to see what is in the Sixpence Package?


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