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How to Measure for Your Headpiece.

When measuring for a headpiece you will want to have something to wrap around the head. I suggest a piece of string, ribbon or a thin tape measure. Also suggested is that you have someone with you to make sure it is sitting properly on your head.

When measuring
  • Make sure not to pull to tight if you have very thick hair and you do not want the piece to flatten it.
  • Keep in mind the hair style you are going to have. Does it protrude out. You need to compensate for it. I recommend styling your hair in the same fashion then measuring. 
  • The piece of measuring material (ribbon, tape measure,etc) represents the middle of the piece. There will be something above and below the line depending on the width you decide your headpiece to be. So make sure it is not to low on your forehead. 
  • Make sure to leave room for the veil if it will be placed under the piece. See example
  • When measuring with Ribbon or String wrap it around in place then cut or mark. You then measure it from end to end. Make sure not to use something that stretches.
  • Keep in mind the bigger the piece the heavier it will be and you want to make sure it is not to low on the brow to where it might bother you.
  • If you know where you are going to attach the piece to your head mark that on the ribbon as well. This is very helpful. 

All these measuring tips we will go over when deciding on how you would like to have your piece made. This is to give you a general idea with things to think over when measuring. 

How to Measure for a Boutonniere Or Bit.
When measuring for your boutonniere or small flower bits the instructions are very plain. As in the picture you measure the width and the length. If you are going to have leaves they are made in the  proportion as the picture depicts. You can move then either close in to the main stem or spread them out. You can decide on the amount of flowers, buds and leaves in each piece.

Terms of Styles.

Victorian Tiara 

The Tiara styles are usually across the top of the head either in the front portion of the head or toward the crown of the head.

They can range from very high as seen in the picture left or smaller and closer to the head picture right. 

Wreath & Half Wreath

The Wreath style is worn around the head and at a slight angle. 

A Half Wreath will go to either side of the head just beyond the ears or where you desire.   


The Crown style is worn on top of the head. It does not go down as far as the wreath style.

Simple Twig

A Simple Twig Style can be as long and as full of flowers as you choose.

Alligator Clip

Many styles can be a made using an Alligator clip.



A Comb style can be used with birdcage style veils and simply tuck into the hair. Size of comb small to large depending on your choices.

Hair Pins

Hair pins are used for easy placement in the hair.


Barrette style can be made to fit your personal preference.  

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