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Custom Made

Wax Flower Orange Blossoms

Headpieces,  Bouquets, & Boutonnières 

AS OF JAN. 2017 





Custom Order Information

Not available till next year.  


Doll Custom Information

In 2017 A Wedding Tradition is closed for business.

Headpiece, Bouquets & Boutonnières Examples.

In the past I have made a few headpieces to have for a bride to purchase. As of now I am taking only Custom orders. I have some pictures below for you to see as examples of styles you can have made along with the terms use when describing them. I welcome any ideas you have to offer when inquiring on having a piece made. Orders are not limited to the pictures below. When considering having a piece made please allow ample time. As with anything Bridal, get your order in as soon as possible to ensure it can be done in time for your wedding day. Please note I do not sell individual flowers for purchase.

Terms of Pieces
Victorian Tiara 

The Tiara styles are usually across the top of the head either in the front portion of the head or toward the crown of the head.

Wreath & Half Wreath

The Wreath style is worn around the head and at a slight angle. A Half Wreath will go to either side of the head just beyond the ears or where you desire.   


The Crown style is worn on top of the head. It does not go down as far as the wreath style.

Simple Twig

A Simple Twig Style can be as long and as full of flowers as you choose.

Alligator Clip

Many styles can be a made using an Alligator clip.



A Comb style can be used with birdcage style veils and simply tuck into the hair. Size of comb small to large depending on your choices.

Hair Pins

Hair pins are used for easy placement in the hair.


Barrette style can be made to fit your personal preference.  

Example of Headpieces but not limited to these styles. You can email me with your ideas and we go from there.

 Love Story Wreath

Virginia Wreath

Spring Romance Wreath

 Penelope & Odysseus Stefana

The Joy Bouquet & Boutonnière


The Orange Blossom Bouquet 

The Springtime Bouquet

"Boutonnières set of 4"

Custom Order Example

How to Measure for Your Piece.

Custom Orders Info What I will need to know from you.

Bridal Comb



About our Wax Flowers & Why Buy a Reproduction? 


   Queen Victoria of England was attributed to starting the fashion trend for brides to wear Orange Blossoms on their wedding day. Everyone wanted them because of their status, but they were expensive and hard to come by.  So in order for the brides to have the flowers for their own wedding they started to make them out of wax.  Victorians are well known for their crafts.  A Wedding Tradition offers the same wax flowers using the same techniques used in the late 1800's. Each Bridal piece is a One-of-a-Kind creation. 

For more information about our Wax Flowers, The Victorian Era, & The Lost Art of Wax.

 Ships to Continental US Alaska & Hawaii only

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