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About Our Wax Headpieces, Bouquets, & Boutonnières.

     Our Wax Flowers offer that Vintage look without the Vintage problems. Unlike the older wax flowers, ours are not flaking or in danger of containing lead sometimes used in the white wax of the past. Our Delicate Wax Orange Blossoms and flowers are hand made using many of the original techniques from the 1800's.  They take many tedious hours of work to recreate.  Styles consist of Victorian, 1920's, 30's, 40's and up until present day.

     All pieces are One-of-a-Kind, designed and created by Cheryl Sharpes, owner of A Wedding Tradition. Each headpiece, bouquet and boutonnière will arrive with a tag stating the piece was made for the Bride. If you choose you can have the Grooms name add with the date of the wedding. Other pieces will have tags that go along with each piece.

     We do Custom pieces. If you have an idea of what you would like to have made you can email me for a consultation. I do not charge a consulting fee. We can discuss  your budget and what you would like to have done, then go from there. A look at a previous order.

Layaway is another great reason for purchasing from A Wedding Tradition. We work with your budget and time frame.



     If you have searched and found your perfect Wedding Dress then why have your headpiece any less spectacular?  The vintage wax flowers you may find today unfortunately over the years show their age. It is difficult to find them without the yellowing, broken, mildewed, and melted flowers. The ones that have survived are usually not as old as thought to be, and are coated with a varnish. They sometimes feel like plastic. Over the years they have started flaking and peeling. Not so attractive when you have varnish flakes in your hair on your wedding day. Many of the very old wax flowers contain white lead and other contaminating ingredients. See "THE DANGER OF MODELLING IN WAX.

    You may have noticed that when you look at a new headpiece out in the market today they look like they were mass produced and slapped together without much thought but still carry a heavy price tag. That is because they are. Just purchasing the frames to make your own are expensive. 

     At A Wedding Tradition you will find the raw edges are covered, there are no big globs of glue, etc.... The advantage of having one-of-a-kind piece.

     So if your looking for that special Wedding Piece please contact us. We can create for you a special piece that will soon become an Heirloom. It just takes an email.

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