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Are you putting on a Tom Thumb Wedding?

We would love to post your Announcements and Photos. Email us with the information, time, date, place, etc. We will be happy to post it. Then after your performance we will post a photo for all your friends to see. Photo space may be limited to one or a few photos. 

Tom Thumb Play Announcement


Disclaimer: All announcements are provided to me from emails I have received asking me to post their play information. I have no way of confirming any aspects or legitimacy of this announcement. I am not responsible for any money spent on the tickets, etc, or any actions you have with this announcement. You are responsible for your own actions concerning this posting.  Thank You

Previous Play Preformed

"Thank you" to Lilliana for sharing your Birthday with us. Here are a few wonderful pictures of her Tom Thumb Wedding.

Lilliana's Fifth Birthday "A Tom Thumb Wedding"

Cast members are as follows

Bride: Lilliana Cygnet Bremerkamp Minister:  Reverend Sandra LaRouche (Nanna) Mother of the Bride: Holly Bremerkamp Mother of the Groom: Bridgid George
Groom: Alexander Thomas George Bridesmaids: Veronica McKelvie, Audrey Wessling, Elise Harrison Father of the Bride: Kevin Bremerkamp Music: Annabella Johnson

  Location : Benton Park, St. Louis, MO


Kaylee Fenderson

The House of Learning Daycare

Presented a "Tom Thumb Wedding"

May 19th 2012

Special Thanks to Kaylee Fenderson 

& Christian Stephens


Christian Stephens


If you would like to have your play posted here just send us an email an we would love to post your invitation to the play or a photo you would like to share.


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